Spencey Dude & the Doodles - Flirting 7"


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”If I weren't an East Coast man at heart San Francisco / Bay Area is definitely where I'd want to be as they seem to be the obvious forerunners for the 'best local scene' award. With acts like Nobunny, Hunx, Personal & The Pizzas, Rantouls, Ty Segall, Skipper, Buzzer, etc. etc. they've really been cranking out the hit singles lately. So here's another San Fran band to add to the list: Spencey Dude & The Doodles. This, their debut release, contains four amazing pop songs so instantly contagious that we could have split them up over two singles and sold 'em like crack but we just couldn't wait to get these out. No worries, we've heard their other 'un-released' stuff and can safely say there's no load-blowing here. Expect many more hits from Spencey Dude. Recorded by GREG ASHLEY (GRIS GRIS) and including members of Gris Gris and DUTCHESS & THE DUKE.”

Release Date: November, 2009.

Pressing Details: 700 pressed; black vinyl.

Released by Rob's House Records.

from the Primitive Urge:

"If you are going to San Francisco, to hell with wearing flowers in your hair. Instead, go see Spencey Dude, that is, if you have a penchant for sloppy bubblegum garage rock. The Doodles are dripping with sappiness, unabashedly silly and recklessly careen off course and out of tune towards their inevitable fiery roadside end. So, you know, see ‘em now."

from Be Bop Kids!:

"Spencey Dude & The Doodles are an amazing band. They're from San Francisco, California & play garage punk with a healthy dose of melody & pop. They remind me slightly of Happy Burger without the songs about fast food (although I wouldn't mind). Instead, they have fuzz filled fun with topics about flirting, fidelity, & guys with girl addictions. Good times."

from Rose Quartz:

"Hearing about other people's insecurities is great and all, but my main problem with listening to my buddies talk about how they're worried their girl is gonna ditch them is that they're not accompanied by gleefully raucous garage guitars. Freeked out paranoia sounds better when it's being hollered over the top of snotty bubblegum punk, EXACTLY like San Francisco's Spencey Dude and the Doodles: manic shouting, obnoxious strumming, totally enthusiastic drumming. This band oughtta hook up with The Twerps and turn everyone 16 again."

from Terminal Boredom:

"Even more neo-Budget Rock anthems from the Bay Area. Solid pop confections, four of them, all about gals and dates and being in love. What else would they be about? Three-piece with Oscar from RNR Adventure Kids/Gris Gris, this Spencey Dude dude and some chick, recorded by the Mayor of Oakland Greg Ashley. Not lo-fi a la No Bunz or anything, more like Personal & the Pizzas in its sing-a-longy delivery and Fifties sort of ramalamatude. Undeniably catchy tunes that are all fun, if you need more feelin' good garage in your diet you can feast on this. (RK)"

from Razorcake:

"Hell yeah, there’s some zany songs here but it was all I could do to keep from just moving the needle back to the tune “Girl Crazy” over and over again. The ending of said tune goes, “You’re girl crazy” and then some funny voice says, “hit the clinic.” It’s definitely a must-hear track. For a song that’s about a minute and a half long, it had me smiling twice as long after I listened to it. This entire 7” is just one concept album of love songs that seem transported straight from the ‘60s. Spencey Dude & The Doodles sound a lot like The Troggs with every thing from their production aesthetics, reverb, and harmonies. “Flirting,” is about a man who gave his girl a quarter to stay in the bar and play the jukebox instead of going out and flirting with the guys. Annamal Doodle’s female back up vocals really add a nice touch. This is just one fun and funny EP here. –N.L. Dewart