"Spencer Hicks has a particular view of the world that revolves around the outsider looking in and shaking his or her head at what they witness. While his last book, Inspiration Point, was focused more on the interior monologue, his latest, Enjoy, steps out of the interior and plays out in front of our eyes.

Enjoy is a small book about the small moments that reveal larger things. It is about the moment of reconnecting, how the present is informed by the past, and how we reveal ourselves through our understanding of that. It’s a slice-of-life that, when placed under the artist’s microscope, becomes the full pie of proclamation.

It’s also about pancakes.

Told in Hicks’ looping cartooning and bound in 14 full color pages consistently using three horizontal panels, Enjoy allows the reader into a moment that unfolds a tight interaction between a boss and an old employee at Squirrel’s Diner. Every word, every beat, every line in this book is the product of incisive decisions to let characters develop in a moment and allow the reader’s assumptions to make inferences and bring a richness to what is otherwise a relatively mundane interplay between people.

It is the unexpected final panel of the book that ends up breaking your heart and makes you look back upon the whole book with new eyes. Enjoy is as satisfying an experience as a whole stack of flapjacks." (from Comics Bulletin)