Hi, and welcome to the future of the world wide web! 
I started California Clap as a record label in San Francisco back when people who started things like small record labels and garage bands could afford to live there. We released my old band Spencey Dude & the Doodles' Night Problems LP and then Anna Hillburg's terrific and beautiful debut album, both on vinyl in pressings of 500 each.
Now I'm in Oakland, CA and publishing comix instead of records but still calling this "company" California Clap. First I printed short runs of a couple of comics I made called Inspiration Point and Working With Rooney. Then I read a pdf of David Enos's Bat-Man Is Lost In A Woods and decided to release that next because it's fantastic and needed to be in print. 
I like putting things that I think are interesting out into the world. 
The name California Clap came from my old friend Josh Quint--he wanted to start a band and call it that. Instead, he moved to LA and started a band called something else with that MTV VJ Jesse Camp and then died in 2006. He was a good friend and had great taste in music and art and was super influential in the formation of my own tastes so it's a small tribute to him.
Thanks for your support!